International Bestselling Author Adaku Ezeudo

Adaku is delighted to have been asked to write a chapter for the new Mission Critical Messengers book.
Alongside Tracy Repchuk, and other amazing success minded writers, Adaku has contributed to a book which will help you move your life forward today.

No matter where you are in life, you have been through something, come out the other side, and need to tell your story. When this happens, you become a messenger!

Mission Critical Messengers – How to Deliver a Difference is about “When Making a Difference isn’t a Desire – It’s a Destiny!”

When you know the journey is the learning and the destination is possible, you’ll discover there is no mission that can’t be met and no vision that can’t be mapped.

Get ready to be inspired, motivated to play a bigger game, and reach greater heights as you realize that one voice can change the world, and many can make a difference.

This book will educate, enlighten and energize you on an aspect of life you can excel at, master or simply enjoy the journey.

You’ll be enlightened with chapters that cover these topics;
> The New Era of Philanthropy and the Part You Play
> Modern Marketing Tips to Master the Millennial Marketing Formula
> The Write Stuff! The Life Hack to Writing a Screenplay in Under 30 Days
> How to Get Paid to Sing
> Your Real Estate Wealth
> Safe, Natural Sunscreen: Your Best Anti-Aging Investment
> How to Live Your Dream Year
> What is Your Truth
> 3 Steps to a Loving Relationship and Loving Life
> Your Highest Calling: The Seed of Genius in You
> Sizzling After 60
> You Can Crush Infertility

From life, business, personal, wealth, health, relationships, spiritual, goals, and aging – this book has it all!

Invest in every aspect of you, and deliver your own difference to the world.

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