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Over the past while, I have been working away, behind the scenes on an exciting new project I am delighted to be involved with.
I have been asked to be a contributor to a useful new book called Mission Critical Messengers – Deliver a Difference which shines a spotlight on how to live your best life. In this book, I along with eleven other writers share our experiences to help our readers develop their lives in a range of areas.
The project is spearheaded by Tracy Repchuk, a world renowned digital marketing strategist, author, speaker and thought leader. Together with Tracy, my co-authors include Catherine Athans, Yvette McDowell, Sally Landau and Vanessa Standard.
The Mission Critical Messengers book, which is my first such project, will help you examine areas of life that you may have been struggling with so far. In my own contribution, I encourage my readers to prepare themselves to live their best year yet.
I thoroughly enjoyed preparing this work for new readers who may not have come across me before and I am eager to get it out into the world.
Mission Critical Messengers, the book, is in the final stages of publication and will be launched shortly.
Stay tuned to find out how to purchase your copy when it goes on sale.

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