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You’ve decided you want to be successful. That’s fantastic! All positive change in our lives starts with a decision. However, that initial decision needs to be followed up by strong action which helps us achieve our aims. One of those strong actions, if success is in your sights, should be engaging a mentor.
You may have heard lots of successful people online or on TV talk about their mentor and what that meant to them. But, sometimes when we look at successful people like that, we put a mental block between them and us. Without much thought, we dismiss the idea of a mentor for ourselves because we think I’m not in that league. But it is this type of thinking which will only stand between us and becoming the successful person we dream of.
Having a mentor is one of the most valuable success tools there is. No matter whether you want to build a wildly successful business or achieve some other personal goal, like climbing Kilimanjaro, having a mentor can help you get there quicker and with less heartache. I know this through experience. If I hadn’t had some of the excellent people in my life to guide me through tough times I wouldn’t be where I am now.

What is a Mentor?

Mentoring is a term that is used quite often but rarely explained. This is probably because what people engage a mentor for can differ greatly. However, the essence of mentoring is the same no matter what goal you are working toward.
Mentoring is a process involving two people. One is a knowledgeable person in their field, who often has plenty of experience behind them. They are open and willing to share their knowledge and expertise with someone who is following in their footsteps. The other person in the equation is the learner or mentee. They are usually the one who seeks out the mentor and requests that they embark on this process with them. The mentee must be willing to learn and display drive and enthusiasm for what their mentor shares with them.

Benefits of a Mentor

Having a good mentor on your side is invaluable. One of the greatest benefits I have found through my mentors is that they make your dream seem more realistic. We cannot be what we cannot see. For example, imagine you want to open a successful high-end boutique. You feel that you have the flair for fashion and customer service to make it work, but no-one in your family has ever run a boutique, or further, maybe they have never run a business at all. It is likely that very few of your friends have done it either. There is no reason why you can’t be the first in your circle to do this, but by having someone who has already taken the path that you are embarking upon, you will see that it is possible. It will take away the fantasy element and show you that this business can be a reality and that it won’t be all fun and frolics either.
A good mentor will be far enough ahead of you on your journey that they can show you the way, point out pitfalls and share with you how to avoid them. Rather than telling you what to do, a good mentor will share their experiences and it is up to the mentee to listen and apply the lessons to their own situation.

What is required of the Mentee?

If you want to secure and keep a good mentor, then you as a mentee must be willing to show up as a good student. If your mentor is a successful person, chances are they are very busy. Their time is at a premium and you need to respect it. That means that you make the most of each session by doing some preparatory work beforehand. You should have your learnings since the last time you met ready to discuss along with some relevant questions about how to implement ideas. This shows your mentor that you mean business and are serious and invested in the time you spend together.
If you have a growth mindset and are struggling to take the next step to success, a mentor could be just what you need. When you pick the right mentor for you, based on where you are now and where you want to get to, they can save you so much time, heartache and money. More importantly, this special relationship can help situate you on the path to success without delay.
If finding a mentor is something you are interested in, I may be able to help you decide what you need when selecting the right mentor for you. You can contact me here.

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